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    With our world wide reach, we have delivered products across the globe.
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    Everything you needed in Your Mobile
    User friendly app to manage devices
    Manage devices from anywhere
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You Dream, Imagine, Fancy We Build

smartSense designs and develops customer experience across web, mobile & other connected devices. We also have our wings spread into embedded systems and Internet of Things(IoT). Our products zero-in on customer satisfaction. Innovation is our skill and contentment with cheerfulness is the output.

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smart home

Web Designing

Good designing is obvious. Great designing is transparent. Web design has always been the object of attention for our clients. "Okay" is not an option here.

Web Development

Our game - we keep the target customers, of our client, while developing a website. User-friendly is ovious, we develop Future-Friendly websites.

Software Development

We have excelled in devloping web-based applications and desktop software, having access from smart phones. ERP, CRM and CMS are our magnum opus.

Smart Home

smartHome is an express product which endows the user to control all the functions of their home, through single mobile application.

Internet of Things(IoT)

We are working on Smart Home, Smart Energy Saving, Smart Grid, Smart Car Wearables and other IoT products.

Robust Technology

We do not compromise in development of any product. Product development takes place using updated technology and best frameworks in the industry.

Be Smart & Book your next bus ticket with "YellowWheels"

YellowWheels is an online bus-ticket booking portal unleashing the new ways of booking a bus ride from anywhere and at anytime.


At smartSense we work day in day out aiming to take our society to a new and better level. It has always been our goal to bring something new to the stage which helps organize our work in a superior way . "smartMandir" is the working example of it.
We plan to carry on with our tradition of providing exemplary services to customers. Today we are a product based company but initially we also developed solutions for clients and even today they get their queries solved on just one call.
We take pride in expressing how fast we have reached from zero to this level a product-based company. It is only rare to find an organization to achieve this level in such less time. That's the reason we call ourselves the "smart ones".

Our Working Process

The team behind smartSense consulting solutions

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